Is the Ad a Success? Fact vs. Fiction

NYT Apple Ad

Are the days of boring commercials over? Will the phenomena of Super Bowl Sunday spread, with Tivo’s and DVR’s across the country speeding through programs to find the commercials?

Just as we integrate discoveries from neuroscience and sociology into our strategy, communication and change recommendations at branes, some companies and advertisers are finally beginning to use neuroscience to determine when and how well their ads provoke response. Imagine: deploying your campaign after understanding how your audience will respond. 

Before Orwellian visions begin to dance in your head, remember, this technique doesn’t create the ad or the response. There is no magic. (Remember those old ‘subliminal’ movie ads for “Drink Coke”? Even in that case research revealed there was no increase in purchases.) It merely measures the response. But by measuring advertisers can understand when and how audiences will respond.

We think this change is long overdue, from a business perspective, but also from a personal perspective. If they’re successful in starting a trend, the days of boring and annoying commercials may well be over. At least until you’ve seen it once…