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This Monty Python skit on the Argument Clinic somehow reminds me of projects being implemented regardless of the input, advice or opposition of those they affect. Seeing this – well, it puts a whole different emphasis on the importance of change management. Or maybe it’s just a profession only a lawyer could love…

How much do facts and data really influence our choices? One of the presentations in my current luncheon series focuses on this very issue, asking participants to choose between two options, based on the same facts. Despite having the same data and the same choices, each half of the audience chooses a different option.

To learn more about why this happens, and recognize other ways you experience this in your life, view this TED presentation from Dan Ariely.

Dan Ariely, author of the fascinating book Predictably Irrational, talks here about why sometimes we think it is OK to cheat and steal, and why we should test our intuition. Another great TED talk.

The Neurological Basis for your ability to think systemically. Fantastic TED talk by neuroscientist VS  Ramachandran, author of Phantoms in the Brain on what neuroscience tells us about inter-relationships in the brain and our ability to make connections and spot similarities in disparate input. Watch until the end, when he pulls it all together beautifully. Covers Capgras Delusion, Phantom Limb Syndrome and Synesthesia.