Auditory Synesthesia Anyone?

SynesthesiaSome researchers at CalTech have discovered that some people have a previously undiscovered synesthesia. You remember what synesthesia is, right? When stimulation of one sense causes automatic sensations of another sense to occur. For example, some synesthetes see words or letters as if they’re coded with different colors, or see colors from music or around people’s bodies. Of course not all synesthia is color-related, but the researchers at CalTech discovered a completely new form: synesthetes hearing noises when seeing movement.

If you’d like to see whether you might have auditory synesthesia, check out Dr. Saenz’s test. If you’d like to learn more about how Dr. Saenz discovered the phenomena, besides Dr. Saenz’s site, you can get a lovely reader’s digest version from Dave Bacon at the Quantum Pontiff, the source for this post.