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Now Let’s Talk About Me…

Imagine this newsletter I received today.

  • Nine bullet-pointed links
  • Five points start with the company name
  • Three more continue the hard sell, but manage to refrain from mentioning the name
  • A final point mentioning a recently-released study may be of interest to their target audience, but by this point it’s obvious where this item will be headed as well

If they’re this self-centered when they’re trying to woo you, what will their priorities be after you sign? This is a relatively successful firm, and the attitude they typify is also one of the reasons management consultants have a less than stellar reputation.  This attitude is also what motivates many consultants to venture out to start their own firm. We believe our clients are our number one priority. Through service to them we hope to remove some of the tarnish on our profession, one client at a time.